Finally up and running.

Takes a while to test and learn old techniques you did long time ago. But doing small daily drawings in my smart-phone helps me to get in shape. Its a mind hand communication that must work.

Anyway have a few ongoing project and some finished. These two are finally done.

Monte Carlo - Haze Westerlund Art
Monte Carlo – Haze Westerlund Art
The Eye Black - Haze Westerlund Art
The Eye Black – Haze Westerlund Art

Finally up and running.

Finally started painting

AlonsoGoing back to what you did 10-30 years ago take some time. Especially when its about producing art with your hands. You need to update the brain so  your hands do what you want it to do. I personally practice by using my smart phones simple Memo app to produce daily sketches .  You find them in a separate gallery.
Did choose a car as Formula one just was started the 2014 season. But my painting is my version of our Spanish Fernando Alonsos  older Ferarri.
Half done on this pict.

#Finally started painting